Program Officer- Access to Finance/ value chain development

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Job Category:

 Cordaid Rwanda salary scale, Grade VI

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 Kigali, RW

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 Not Specified


 Dec 04, 2023 11:55 PM

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 Not Specified

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Job Title                                                      Program Officer- Access to Finance/ value chain    development

Organizational Unit                                    Rwanda Country Office

Job's Aim                                                    Responsible for implementation of access to finance projects,  

                                                                      acquisition and business development

Job Specification:                                       Spends 90% of time implementation responsibility for one                                                                                                                                                     project in Rwanda (tbd) and 10% of time on acquisition and business development for Rwanda in                                                                                      collaboration with other business developers in the cluster and in ICCO/Cordaid

Aim of the Organizational Unit                Responsible for project implementation in country Office

Job category/Grade                                   Rwanda salary scale, Grade VI

Supervisor                                                   Program Manager/ Project Manager/Country Manager

Supervises                                                     -

Key Duties & Responsibilities

Fund mobilization/BS develop             Contribute and support the development and writing of successful funding proposals. Interacts with (potential)                                                                  local/institutional donors, convincingly argument the added value of Cordaid as to acquire funds and ensure                                                                      the future funding for the programme(s) in Rwanda. This includes increasing revenues, growth in terms of                                                                        business expansion, increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships and making strategic business                                                                    decisions

   Bid management                                 Support bid manager on calls for proposals and tenders related to the assigned specific donor portfolio.                                                                             Support negotiations for specific assigned bids, especially Value chain development. The bid team provides                                                                     donor specific advice on rules, regulations, and policy. Uses donor contacts to ensure the winning outcome of                                                                  calls and proposals. Oversees (parts of) the role division, planning and communication with donors and a                                                                           consortium in order to achieve a positive outcome for Cordaid

   Project planning                                Translates the Cordaid project results into specific results in designated project areas and formulates an                                                                           operational project plan within a country/region. Remains within budget propositions and infrastructural                                                                             possibilities

   Project management                         Assist program managers with respect to risks, stakeholders’ issues and the project team. Support in Agrees                                                                   with all contributors to project success deliverables, with a large amount of intercultural sensitivity.                                                                                     Understands partners and matches desired results and contextual factors. Stimulates progress and makes                                                                       necessary adjustments to realize the project within given boundary conditions: scope, time, budget and quality

   Financial management                      Assist program managers in managing the project budget ensuring expenditures are in line with what has                                                                         been planned for. Reports regularly on budget realization and acts proactively to comply with the budget

   Field & Partner visits                         Support program teams to monitor project achievements, conduct field visits with partners, review field                                                                             reports, analyze field data and formulate conclusions, discussion points and recommendations for all                                                                                 stakeholders

   Supported partners                          Support program managers to Identify the need for support with partner organizations and translate this                                                                            into (customized) forms of support, taking into account (large differences in) the background and circumstances                                                                of (individuals in) partner organizations.

Network representation/ Communication     

                                                             Support to Identify and establish contacts with organizations and explore representation for potential                                                                                 areas for collaboration, taking into account the mission statement of Cordaid and the possibilities within existing                                                               projects. Ensure the communication to both internal and external partners.

   Project reports                                 Collects information within the project and reports about the results, specifics, budget and expenditures                                                                            and possible deviations following required reporting standards, providing solutions to minimize impact of                                                                          deviations

Monitoring, Evaluation &

Learning (MERL)                               Work closely with the monitoring evaluation team to identify project learning opportunities, research and                                                                            publications and implementation of MEL policy. Facilitates the dissemination of promising practices and lessons                                                                learned. In collaboration with the MERL team, Ensure integration of innovations and best practices

Integrity                                              Adheres to the code of conduct and integrity policies, reports concerns and follows regular integrity training. This                                                              is a medium-risk position, with direct contact with vulnerable communities and regular travels.

Other                                                   Any other duties assigned by the manager


Knowledge, Skills, and Experiences

  • University degree in rural development, agribusiness, agriculture economics, business administration or other related subject with good academic results
  • 3 years of experience working in supporting Producer Organizations (POs) in value chain development and experience of 3 years in access to finance
  • Experience working and managing different organization partners,
  • Experience of access to finance/ agribusiness / market linkages / value chain development
  • Experience with rural areas and understanding of the ability and constraints of rural smallholder farmers
  • Good understanding of agribusiness in Rwanda
  • Knowledge of the project field of expertise for example agriculture/health/economy or other relevant subject on an academic level and able to provide technical solutions
  • Social skills to agree on deliverables, ensure progress with staff and to support partners
  • Behavioral values and skills: trust, accountability, problem solving, cooperation, teambuilding, negotiation, conflict management, collaboration, flexibility, creativity
  • Writing skills to clearly formulate project proposals, project plan and project reports
  • Knowledge of the legal framework that governs Cordaid’s operations, as required by local and national government and by major donors (EU, UN, US, Bilateral Donors)
  • Knowledge of the mission statement and goals of the Cordaid project and the security policy

Others/Extra Details

Core Competencies

  • Quality orientation
  • Organizational awareness including planning
  • Negotiation skills
  • Dealing with details
  • Problem analysis
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Social awareness
  • Intercultural orientation
  • Managing conflict. 

Key Result Area:

Access to finance:

  • Capacity Building
  • Financial education
  • Product Development
  • Digitalization
  • Linkage of Financial Institutions
  • Communication

Value chain development

  • Develop non-financial services
  • Planning, implementation and monitoring of value chain activities
  • Linkage of value chain actors
  • Partner Selection
  • Capacity building
  • Communication

Cordaid is fully committed to provide a safe and welcoming workplace to its employees, and to maintain respect and dignity of everyone that comes into contact with Cordaid. Therefore, Cordaid participates in the Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme. For more information about Cordaid’s work on integrity

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